Professor Julia Jordan-Zachery on Black women and depression

Julia S. Jordan-Zachery discusses Black women and depression in her in Harper’s Bazaar.

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Cornel West, renowned philosopher, social activist, author and scholar coming to Wake Forest

Cornel West, renowned philosopher, social activist, author and scholar, will speak at Wake Forest University on November 4 and 5. His appearance is jointly sponsored by the School of Divinity Mac Bryan Prophetic Preaching Series and the African American Studies program.

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Prof. Julia S. Jordan-Zachary’s commentary in The Washington Post – “The media loves ‘missing White women.’ Black women are already missing from public view.”

You cannot miss what is not seen. Because U.S. society often renders Black women invisible, public outcry may be muted or absent when we go missing.

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New African American Studies program underway

Wake Forest University has been working to establish an African American Studies program for a few years. Last week’s launch of the program is timely given the country is experiencing increased racial tensions, states are passing stricter voting laws and virtually everybody is uttering the term “woke.”

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Deepening the Liberal Arts

Corey D. B. Walker, the Wake Forest Professor of the Humanities, is the inaugural director of the African American Studies Program, which will launch in the fall as a major at Wake Forest. He is jointly appointed in the Department of English and the Interdisciplinary Humanities Program.

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